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HOW TO: Integrate Facebook, Twitter, and Buzz into Your Gmail

February 13, 2010

Not necessarily a tip that will improve your ability to communicate with your parent groups BUT very cool none the less.  So I thought that this was definitely worth sharing.   Facebook, Twitter, and Google hold the world of communication in their hands so knowing how to use and integrate them expands your knowledge base and improves your ability to communicate.

Have fun Buzzing!!

HOW TO: Integrate Facebook, Twitter, and Buzz into Your Gmail

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HOW TO: Create E-newsletters

February 3, 2010

Attention Parents and School Councils: Sign up for our free web workshops!

Feb. 16th at 6:30pm: Creating free e-newsletters

Sign up now!

This step by step 1 hr workshop will show you how to use a free e-newsletter tool (including creating a user-account, adding newsletter articles, adding pictures, adding a list of email contacts, and emailing the e-newsletter to your email lists). This session is geared to parents on school councils who want a free and simple way to communicate regularly with parents.

These  workshops are designed for “non-techies”! If you can send email, you have all the skills you need to learn to use these new tools. We will show you “how to” step by step. Offered in partnership with People for Education.

HOW TO: Write Newsletter Headlines

December 23, 2009

Take some time over the Holidays to review the way you are putting together articles in your online newsletters, print newsletters and blog posts.   Headlines get the attention of potential readers and urges them to read on.

Great headlines can even help you overcome some of the other “issues” there may be with layouts or formats.  We’ll get there in the next month but for now check this out courtesy of

How to Write Newsletter Headlines |

HOW TO: Organize an Event on Facebook

November 29, 2009

Facebook is one of  THE tools of the moment.  School Groups and local organizations and use Facebook events functions to get their information out to the mulitudes easily.   The event is seen on friend pages fro everyone who responds to the open invitation.

Mashable has put together a detailed “How To” on organizing a Facebook Event.   Check it out!

HOW TO: Organize an Event on Facebook

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Internet access is almost universal for Canadians so let us help you use it

November 3, 2009

online_business_edAccording to an Ipsos Reid poll released on Tuesday (Oct 26th/09) internet access for Canadians is “almost universal”.   Eight out of 10 Canadians (82 per cent) have broadband Internet access at home — a six per cent increase from 2008, and  89 per cent of 18- to 34-year-olds and 87 per cent of 35- to 54-year-olds can log on at home.   “Even in difficult economic times, Canadians understand that having Internet access is essential in today’s society,” notes study author Mark Laver with Ipsos Reid.

This little bit of information is the explanation mark for this website.   For parent groups and small community organizations there is no longer any reasons to hold back from email group communication groups, online newsletters, websites, and Facebook pages.   Though they may seem intimidating at first they can be as easy as typing an email.

For years I had parent groups tell me they didn’t think an email newsletter would work because “not everyone has email” ~ well, that’s changed!   So push aside as hesitation and let us help you dive in.

EPT Tech is all about helping you set up those simple communication tools so you can reach out to your organizations through technology.

If you are logging on with Gay at the People for Education conference…Welcome!!  Please let Gay know what you think, and what you want to know.    If you happened here through a link or a search, we  are very happy you found us!  Pop us an email we’d love your feedback.